Candle Colors 

Glass 7 Day Candles are Excellent For spells

White is the balanced presence of all colors in synthesis.
It gives off a positive  and powerful vibration.
White can be used for any type of spell if the color you need is unavailable.

Green is associated with nature, growth & fertility also a symbolog of the the goddessand her green earth.
Green candles are used for money.good luck,financial success,good health,prosperity, good fortune and abundance of any kind.

Red is lifes blood the color of fire and passion.
It emits a strong positive vibration​
Can be used for love,sex and passion,also can be used for protection. red is fiery,intense and it excites.

Black is the most controversial of all  candles.
It is the absence or void of all colors.
Black does not radiate or emit any vibratton of its own at all.
As it burns it releases only that which has been placed into it or upon it
So, how you have charged it determines if it is good or evil.
Can be used for banishing, protection, repelling black magic or ridding bad habits

Pink is a color that generates affection, self-generosity  ,belflessness.
It is an excellent choice for matters of domestic or true lover, as it symbolizes love, honor, togetherness, gentlenessand spiritual fulfillment also friendship.

Balance, neutrality, erasing, canceling, neutralising, confusion.

Orange is a color of great power, its good for
luck, success, legal matters, fun, vitality, attraction , friendship.

tranquillity, peace, calm,inspiration, wisdom,truth, health, devoyion, peace and blessing in the home.

This candle is difficult to find but worth looking for because its a super power and works really fast.
the best candle for, spiritual healing, exorcisms, quich changes of a favorable nature.

Gold symbolizes universal fraternity.
can be used for, fast luck, encourages success,
wealth, also success in business.

Brown is the color of the earth and its vibration is concentrated in the material plane.
can be used for, protecting and healing animals, financial crises, locate lost objects,
attracts money and financial success, encourages intuition and telepathic abilities.

The color of the air element which governs mental activity.
Burn for, healing, improve business, successin the performing arts, joy, eloquence, promote cheerfulness.

The great mother or goddess .
Used to remove evil or negative influences, brings protection against otherworlily entities, stabilises energies, promotes inner peace and serenity.

 Burn for passion, monet goals, professional growth, fertility in business, career maneuvers.